Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First Steps

That's right folks, Halen is trying to walk. Dan and I have been making him practice by having one of us walk him towards the other and then we let go. From there he would sort of fall forward (not even a controlled fall) while moving his little feet. This morning I was trying to do it myself by just leaning out holding on and then letting go while pulling him toward me. It didn't seem to work right, so I had him hold himself up on the excersaucer and then would try to get him to come to me. The first few tries where just the daredevil falling forward and trusting mommy to catch him. Then he started to get a little more control and one time he just let go and took 3 good slow solid steps toward me. Oh how we danced! We weren't able to get much more practice in because he was tired and when it's nap time, he gets clumsy. One good fall and he was done for it. He just wanted booby and bed. So, we'll try some more when he wakes up. I've got to get the video camera out. October 3rd was the day. Mark your calendars. I'm so proud.
Yesterday we went to story time. He had a blast! He couldn't believe there where so many kids and babies and that he could just crawl around them and on them. He was a bit rude when kids would cry though. I guess he thought they where being funny because he'd get right in their faces and just laugh! Most of them didn't like this. Some laughed back. We'll definitly be going back.
Now, I'll add some pictures and post this booger. For awhile I was taking a long time between posts because I thought no one was looking at the blog. There where never any comments. Then I started getting emails and phone calls telling me to get with it, that there are people checking in everyday, and there's no changes. So sorry. I didn't know. I am trying to keep it more updated now.

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