Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where Do I Even Begin???

Halen is getting more and more amazing everyday. His list of party tricks is growing out of control. The fake sneezes are real cute, with a little grunt noise and head thrust. He thinks it's hilarious when you sneeze back or say kazuntite (sp?). He came up with that one all by himself.
The most fun thing ever though, is the dancing! He pulls up onto something and starts bouncing his knees, shaking his head, swinging one arm (holding onto something with the other), and opens his mouth to belt out a long string of notes. It's amazing! He's got Dan and I dancing with him all the time. Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince are his favorite dancing tunes. He's definitely my son! There is some great video of this. I'll try to get it onto you tube or something and then I'll post the link.
We spent last weekend in Asheville, with Kerry, Bram, and Connor. The fall colors where BEAUTIFUL. We did some hiking, shopping, and damn good eating. I wish Rosetta's kitchen would move to Atlanta. I might just move to Asheville, just to be closer to that food. We did pick up a real estate book while there. Asheville is so progressive for a little mountain town! There where flyers for a company that would switch your home's heat to biodiesel. I would love to have a little solar/biodiesel powered house there. Maybe after Dan graduates!
I got the stay puff outfit at this new consignment store by our house, called 'smarty pants.' It's got lots of cute kids clothes for cheap. It has some maternity and nursing clothes as well, also real cheap. Just in case any of you want to get pregnant and join the parental club! It's the best club I've ever been a part of. Dan said it best when he said, "why wouldn't anyone want to do this?" Everyday is a new amazing bunch of discoveries and the most deep amazing strong love imaginable.
I better get to work on quilting. I was commissioned to make two organic custom quilts for a lady, the owner and co-founder of Urban Decay cosmetics. She's probably a millionaire. I'm definitely not charging her enough. Haha. I already mailed the first one to her. The second one needs to be done by next Tuesday and I've barely begun! Yikes.
Damn, the pictures I uploaded didn't work. I guess I gotta try that again, then quilt. It happened again! I guess I'm trying to download too many pictures at once. But how do I choose only a few, when there are so many??? When my baby is so damn cute? Jeez! I guess I'll narrow it down in this one and maybe post another one later, with some more. Fuck it. I'm wasting too much time. Pictures later. They're just not uploading!

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