Friday, October 20, 2006

We're Back, But Off Again

Halen and I spent the last 4 days visiting his great grandparents in Arkansas. We had fun just spending time with family and exploring the area. Halen was unbelievably good on the plane rides! We had a couple of long layovers in Memphis too. On both travel days, he was PERFECT! Everyone had fun being on the receiving end of his adorable flirting, and couldn't stop commenting on how good and cute and happy he was. It's true, he's perfect! I love the little booger. He turned 10 months while we where there. Today he weighed in at 25 pounds, no change from last month, but measured in at 33 inches! That's an inch taller! He's getting further away from the charts, because this is normally the age where there mega growing slows down. Not for Halen! I don't know if that will ever happen for Halen. He'll grow crazy fast and crazy big till he's 6'6" at age 10 or something.
Today we're off on another trip! This time Daddy is coming and his buddy Connor, and Connor's parents of course. We're all going to Asheville for some fall colors and vegan eatin'. I better get busy finishing packing. Stay posted for outdoorsy hippy pictures from Asheville.

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