Monday, September 24, 2007

Mirror Lake

We did a really great hike on Saturday. It was a 3 mile round trip up to Mirror Lake. Usually, you can see amazing views of Mt. Hood from here, with it's peak reflected down into the lake. We went on a day that was a little foggy and cloudy (not to mention cold, fall has reached the northwest), so we couldn't see the Hood. We will definitely go back. It was a good hike for Halen. He's getting so good at hiking. He knows to watch out for the roots and rocks. He runs up to them, steps up on them, and jumps forward. He can trek up a mountain for a really long time. He gets tuckered out sometimes and takes a break on one of our shoulders. He gets his energy back quick and wants to do his own hiking. We saw a neat little lizard that Halen thought was really cool. The lake also had crawdads as big as your hand. Halen was into those too. Dan tried balancing on some rocks over the water, hovering down to catch one for him to get a closer look. He almost got pinched a couple times and almost fell in the water a few more times. He never caught one. I guess he's not quite one with nature, like Kevin Bacon in White Water Summer. If you know Dan at all, you know that if he had fallen in the water, that the day, week, month, and year would have been ruined. The boy has an aversion to water, unless it's hot and running from a faucet. I'm an evil person because I still think it would have been funny as shit if he had fallen in the water. This has been a major point of contention in our relationship, when bad things happen to Dan, I laugh like hell. I am laughing at the thought of it now. I even try not to because I know how sad he is when he gets wet (or whatever). I try to be sympathetic, but the giggles just start coming. I have no control over it. Luckily, he still loves me, even though I can sometimes be terrible in this way.
On another note, my belly is big and heavy. I am on my way out the door to buy one of those pregnant belly support bands. My ab muscles at the top of the baby ball already feel like they are being worked and stretched to full capacity. I never got one when I was pregnant with Halen, but I am being a bigger baby this time. I just want to be comfortable.
I saw a sale on travelocity, tickets from ATL to PDX are $265. Come on fools, visit us!
oh yeah, Dan starts school today. He has his first day of training at REI tomorrow. Next weekend, if weather permits, we're going camping. Whoopi!

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