Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pooed and Tattooed

We ordered this potty seat with a stool for Halen and waited for it forever. It really seemed like Halen didn't want to use the potty because he was afraid he may fall in. His little seat that we had at the old house got stolen with our camping gear. I bet they where stoked on that steal! We got his new seat last night. We set up and he went pee pee on the potty right away. He sat there forever! He didn't want to get down. When he did get down, he got right back up again, then down, then up again, then a few more times of that and we finally convinced him to take a bath. Usually, the first thing Halen says in the morning has something to do with food. Today, it was "Halen's potty." So, we went straight to the potty where he peed and pooed. He got the sweet rose chest tattoo for it. I really think this is the beginning of the end of poopy diapers! Whoopi!

On a completely other note, we had our first midwife appointment here yesterday. I had started seeing someone in Atlanta, but it wasn't as exciting because she wasn't going to be the one to actually catch the baby. The whole family went to her little office in her home. Her name is Kelli. Her intern's name is also Kelly, who will also be at the birth. We did all the normal check up stuff and talked about my ideal birth. I am so excited! I told her that we had a really big tub that I'd like to birth in. She said that was fine, or she can bring one of her horse troughs that she uses as birthing pools. That would be a pretty funny birth story, "I was born in a horse trough in the living room of our double wide trailer." I think we'll probably stick with the bath tub, but he can say that he was almost born in a horse trough if he wants to. I expressed my concerns about this baby being another big one. She didn't seem concerned at all. She said that the warmth and counter-pressure of the water helps prevent tears. It's also supposed to be a great help with pain. Home-birth midwives are the way to go! I'm so extremely excited about this birth. Most of my worry and concerns about birthing Halen revolved around me being in a hospital, where I ultimately didn't have the final say in the birth. They forced me into the pitocin and epidural. I am pretty sure that if I had had an obgyn, I would have been made to have a c-section. C-sections are terrifying! I can't understand how some women choose them over the completely natural birth process. It's a major surgery, cutting several inches across through several layers: skin, muscle, and uterus. The recovery is a bitch too, not to mention all the extra risks involved in hurting the baby and mother. Anyway, the fear of possibly being made to have a c-section is gone with a homebirth. I know that if there where some kind of major emergency, I could get whisped away to the hospital and have one done. With a hospital birth, that "emergency" can sometimes just be that the doctor's shift is ending soon and he doesn't want to be late for dinner. With a home birth, I know that that really was the last and only option. I also don't have to worry about when to go to the hospital. When I go into labor, I can just take it easy and relax around the house until it's time for the midwife to come to me. I can't believe I have to wait another 3 months for this occurance. I want my new baby now. I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable in the mid-section. I'm entering into the third trimester and it's suddenly nearly impossible to bend over, stand from sitting, or sleep comfortably. At least it's not oppressively hot here. The weather is perfect for pregnancy, and every other possible human condition. We just have good weather here.

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