Monday, September 17, 2007

Peach Upside Down Cake

It rained on Sunday. We didn't go hiking. Instead, we went shopping for Halen's very own baseball glove. He needed one for his right hand, since he's definitely looking like he's gona be a lefty. We have several around the house, but they're all for right handers and way too big. He's kind of excited about it! Then we went to Old Navy where they are having a kid's clothes sale. The baby got his first outfit. He's going to mostly wear Halen hand-me-downs, but we want him to have a few things of his own too. It's the cutest little striped hooded sweatsuit material onesie! Why don't they make these in my size? Then we headed to the thrift store where Halen got a sit-n-spin. He loves that as well. He carries it all over the house and does all kinds of daring spin around stunts in terrible places, like right at the corner of the kitchen table. I'm trying to get him to keep the thing away from furniture, but he likes to bring it close to furniture so he can hold on to the furniture in order to get a good standing spin. I think it'll be an endless battle.
After all the shopping and a good nap, Halen helped me make this yummy vegan peach upside down cake. He's quite the baker, and batter licker upper too.


amanda said...

ummy, can i have a bite>?

Anonymous said...

looks great - sounds like Halen
is pretty active! Hope that you
can get enough rest for the last
few months, Christy.
Take care,