Friday, September 14, 2007


We tried a new vegan restaurant last night, called Nutshell. It was real good. It was a fancy place, where you choose your bread, olive oil, and salt for dipping. There where about 7 different olive oils and 20 different salts. We got the assortment of bread, the organic Portugese olive oil, and the red maple salt. That was some salty salt! I got the Yukon gold potato pancakes with Kale and forest mushrooms. Dan had the Jamaican BBQ, which was an assortment of all kinds of things Jamaican. The food was fancifully displayed and very good. Halen had the Jamaican rice and beans. I would have loved to have had some wine and dessert, but there's no wine for pregnant mommies and no dessert when Halen was as tired as he was. The chef, who used to be over 300 pounds (I read an article in the paper), came and asked us how our food was and thanked us for coming in. He used to be a chef at some fancy LA restaurant (not vegan), when he decided to go vegan to get healthy. Now he's a rail. There where no fake meats on the menu, which I found refreshing. I'm tired of un-chicken fried steak. The place was packed.
Tomorrow morning we are going to finally try Veganopolis. It's a downtown vegan spot, that just serves breakfast and lunch. It's there for all of Portland's vegan business people. Luckily for us, they're open on Saturday's too. We're going to try the brunch. After that, we're going to check out Food Fight, the all vegan grocery store. We tried all kinds of yummy new places when we first got here, but then we settled into our favorites of those places and haven't tried anything new in awhile. We're also broke as all hell. Dan gets paid today though, so we're going to live it up just a little this weekend. I'm sure we'll go for another hike on Sunday. Look for pictures from that.

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