Thursday, October 04, 2007

Getting Closer

I had a midwife appointment yesterday. The little guy is getting big and moving down. He's now positioned himself head down. I feel more pressure in my pelvis and lower back these days (not to mention the joyous rhoids). The midwife helped me to feel my belly and distinguish body parts. It was pretty cool. I weight 171. I weighed 180 when Halen was born. A pound or two less would be nice this time, but I'm not sure it'll happen. I do share most of my food with Halen though, and all of my food with the baby. I certainly don't want him to be any bigger though. I'd rather me lose that weight than push it out of my you know what. I've been watching birth videos, amping myself up. Halen watches them too. He gets real excited when he sees the babies. All of the births I have on dvd are attended by older siblings too. He'll be there for the birth, if it's not the middle of the night or something. I want him to welcome his little brother into the world. My midwife appointments are now only 2 weeks apart. After the next two, the midwife will start coming to my house. I am so ready to have this baby. He just kicked me in the ribs. He's ready too.


amanda said...

So how can I arrange to have the stork drop me of a litte bundle of joy?

christy said...

i don't mean to scare you away from having your own bundle of joy. There are alot of wonderful joys of pregnancy too, like when the little guy gets the hiccups. That's always funny. The great thing about pregnancy and birth is that all the natural chemicals released during and after the birth are such an incredible high that they wipe out the discomforts of the previous 9 months and make you instantly want to do the process again. Motherhood has been the greatest adventure of my life and well worth the pains of pregnancy.
Even during my last labor, which was really long and hard, I was talking about "next time." Dan couldn't believe I would talk about a next time, he was ready to accept having only one child, even though he really wants a whole team of children. It's hard, can be uncomfortable, but nothing is more natural and worthwhile. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

well put!