Saturday, October 20, 2007

Green State #2

Check This
The score card says Oregon tied Vermont for first. For some reason, they gave that number one spot to Vermont though. Oh well. I'm pretty proud.
Halen and I played at the mall today. Dan's REI is located here, so after we dropped him off for work, we went and played at the indoor playground that has an outdoor theme. How funny is that? The whole enclosed area is padded and comfy to roam around on. There's a tent, a tree slide, two log tunnels, a turtle, and some other fun stuff. It's all on top of a padded carpet that has a river, a path, rocks, a lake with fish and grass printed on it. While there, I observed the nearby shops. One of them was a hot dog place. They have veggie corn dogs! Unfortunately, they are not vegan. The hot dog place is a worker-owned franchise operation from California though. Now if I can just get them to switch their veggie dogs to a vegan version, we'll be all set. This same mall has a noodle place that serves up local fresh veggies and grilled tofu in their bowls. The Panera is opening soon! It's the most veg friendly mall I've ever been to. The mall fountain is real pretty too. It's got all these natural rocks and plants surrounding it instead of concrete. There are coi fish swimming in it. For some reason, people still throw there money in there. Isn't this bad for the fish? Why are there not signs asking people not to do this? While we where watching the fish, a custodial woman came over to tell me to make sure and keep a hold on Halen (I was already) because a little girl had fallen in the week before.
Well, Halen is waking up. Gotta go.

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