Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to Liepold Farms and had a hootin good time.
We took a hayride around the farm and learned about how pumpkins grow. I'm almost 30 and this was my first hay ride. I was pretty excited. We got lost (not really) in the 5.5 acre Wizard of Oz themed corn maze. We played with a fuzzy caterpillar. We said hi to a cute cow named Betsy, some goats, and a pony. Halen trekked through the mini haystack maze, castle, and corn-filled sand box. Dan catapulted apples at a target, trying to win a free pumpkin. He got so close, but in the end, we had to pay for our pumpkins. Halen loved the pumpkin patch. He stood amongst all those pumpkins, waving, and saying 'hi pumpkins.' I can't wait to carve a jack-o-lantern. I also got a small pumpkin for making a pie. I've always used a can of pumpkin for my pies, but this year I'm going to venture into making my own pumpkin goop.

Digging for bones in the corn. Ooooohhhhh.

I'm not trying to smuggle pumpkins under my shirt, I swear it!

This is Halen's Baby Gap Pumpkins photo.

As if walking through a corn maze, having watched Children of The Corn one too many times wasn't enough, they put an ax in the tin man's hand. I thought for sure it was going to come alive with a scary red-headed kid named Malacky inside, and hack us up.

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amanda said...

i wanna go! FUN times