Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Corrie, Where Are You?"

My BFF Corrie came to visit for several days. She and I were hoping for the baby to come a little early, so she could be here to help out with Halen and see the baby emerge from the depths of my womb into the bathtub. He was being stubborn and decided to stay in his warm and cozy home a little longer. We had fun and Halen made a new friend (they've met before but he didn't remember). For two days after she left, he would walk around the house saying, "Corrie, come on." and "Corrie, where are you?" My friends Jaime and Paul came into town the same week and we got to see them too. They hiked this beautiful trail with us to the Wahclella Falls. I want to go back to this spot to live forever! It was gorgeous. Well... I guess it was a little chilly for permanent living, but I could definitely do summers there. We saw the salmon swimming upstream. They were bigger than I thought they'd be. It was pretty cool. I've got one week now till my aunt and uncle come. I'm now supposed to hold off until then. My aunt Melanie has $10 on Wednesday the 28th. Anyone else wanna get in on that? Just send the money to me. I won't keep it or anything. Gotta go. I'm too tired to sit here any longer. I vote for having the baby today!


amanda said...

cant believe that you are hiking at 9 months. You go girl! I remember Corrie from the long lost MICA days.

Anonymous said...

OMG! we forgot the donuts! I am home now. I miss you guys. ATL was, well you know. The 28th huh? I got the 1st!