Monday, November 26, 2007

Doll Nightmares

Here is Halen, being all cute and doll-like in front of the creepiest wallpaper ever. When I was little, dolls and paintings of dolls like these would give me nightmares. Actually, they still do (the list of things I am scared of and have admitted to on the blog grows: werewolves, mountain lions, porcelain dolls). This wallpaper is in the bathroom at the Pirate's Tavern, the vegan pirate restaurant. We went there with Corrie and we watched The Princess Bride while eating. Halen was mesmerized. Every time I open iphoto, I want to delete the photos with this wall paper because they creep me out so bad. I like them too much though, so I'll keep them and just get the shiver me timbers whenever I see those porcelain doll eyes looking out at me.
I thought for sure I was going into labor last night. Today, no baby. I guess I wasn't. I'll try to put a blog up when I actually do.


jill said...

ahhh! dolls creep me out too. i don't know if you every saw alison's dolls she kept in her dining room, but they were in a cabinet and i felt like they were watching my every move. she finally moved them out of there. phew. good luck on your delivery!!

christy said...

Ha ha. i do remember alison's scary doll collection. how can she sleep in the same house with them? that's when i think they're up murdering people, while we sleep.