Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Of The Beautiful NW

I tried to blog yesterday and the pictures never uploaded, then I lost all that I had written too and gave up. Here are some pics from Bridal Veil Falls and the Columbia River Gorge.
Today is the 7th, I'm due on the 7th of next month! I started taking these herbal antenatal pills that where designed by some famous Washington based midwife. They're supposed to get my body ready for labor and make the birth real quick and easy. We'll see.


Cassie said...

We miss you guys-so does Penny!

We need to coordinate when to come and visit.

amanda said...

I love when you have bruce in your pictures! He is so cute. I am thinking about having a kid soon. Let me know if those pills worked. I just watched knocked up and i am FREAKED out

christy said...

come on out! We'd love to have ya. Dan was talking about his Datsun today. Road Trip? Hehehe.

you can do it. I'm sure you saw that Barb is pregnant. If you hurry up, we could all 3 be pregnant at once! 3 mica girls, and Ben Fogarty's (another mica kid) wife, Gigi, all pregnant at once. I am hoping these herbs help. I'll let you know. I haven't seen Knocked Up. Maybe I shouldn't yet, if it has a scary birth scene.