Friday, November 02, 2007


Halen loved trick or treating. We didn't go to many houses, but we got tons of non-vegan candy! When we got home, we sorted through the candy, threw all the non-vegan stuff in our outgoing candy basket and then each got a treat from what was left. Dan's had a few too many of those treats these last couple of days. I'm going to dump the bowl into the trash if he doesn't take it to work with him. There are candy wrappers everywhere. Then Halen finds them and wants some! Ha ha. Dan wants Halen to be a sugar fiend too, so they'll out number me. I won't allow it! I will however, allow the eating of the ice cream frozen pumpkin pie we made. Halen's buddy, Connor, sent Halen a National Geographic Kids subscription. In it, there was a recipe for a frozen pumpkin pie. It was the easiest thing in the world and is extra yummy! You need a quart of vanilla soy dream (or your favorite brand of vanilla vegan ice cream), 1/2 cup canned pumpkin (I used the pre-spiced version and saved myself the effort of adding spices), 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. ginger, 1/4 tsp. salt, dash of nutmeg, dash of ground cloves, and a graham cracker pie crust. Let the ice cream soften a bit, then mix everything together, put it in the crust, put it in the freezer for 4 hours, then eat the whole thing! Okay, don't eat the whole thing, but do ravenously enjoy this easy and delicious holiday dessert.
Speaking of holiday, I just found out about this. It's a vegan holiday festival! It's going on all day tomorrow, with food and goodies galore! Come on Atlanta vegans, admit it, you're jealous!!! Dan has to work, but Halen and I will be munching it up, spending his hard earned dollars as he makes them. Ahh, the riggors of stay at home mom-hood, it's so hard! ha ha. I've got it made! Thanks Dan, we love you for all your hard work. It would be nice if we where lottery winners and you didn't have to work, and could play with us all day; but since we're not, thanks.

On another note, it's November! Only one more full month and we'll have a new baby! I am so excited! I just can't wait! I had a midwife appointment Wednesday. Reason number one million to have a home-birth midwife instead of an ob-gyn: she gave me a back massage with natural oils, that she infused herself, when I complained of being sore from a back spasm earlier that morning! She did my back while her apprentice massaged my hands. The next appointment is at our house!!! Halen is going to be so excited to show them his trains and other toys. I'm glad they'll come here a few times before the birth, so Bruce can get used to them. He can get anxious around new people and I wouldn't want to have to keep him crated or outside the whole time. I don't want him to try to eat the placenta though. I know he would, crazy dog that he is!!!

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