Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going To Get Burritos

I guess Halen thinks Los Gorditos has the best burritos too. He just informed us that he was going to get some burritos. He got his little bag and told us over and over again that he was going to get burritos. We kept saying, 'okay, have fun, see ya later.' Then he said, "open the door for me, I need to drive." He wasn't kidding! He wants some burritos and he wants them now! He's just too too cute! I love him. I love my boys, every one of them. I may be outnumbered, but I'm perfectly happy with it.


Anonymous said...

and did he get burritos?

patrick price said...

get that man a burrito!

christy said...

We had burritos tonight. We did not have them that night. Dinner was already cooking and we had had them the night before. Tonight, we made them at home and they weren't as good as Los Gorditos, but they were still yummy.