Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Friends

Our friends from Atlanta came to visit. We had a blast. The two year olds said "mine" a little more than the adults wanted to hear, but that's what two years olds do. They got here late at night and were up early in the morning. Halen woke up, heard Connor, and literally jumped out of bed. I've never seen him move so quick. Liam and Olivia hit it off. She recently turned one, but is about the same size as Liam. It was funny for me to see this sweet girl, the same size as my Liam, crawling around and starting to walk and talk.
We ate so much good food. We didn't even get to go to all of the vegan spots in town, but we did have waffles from the famous waffle cart. Like us, this was their favorite spot. I think there is an addictive additive in those waffles. I gained a few pounds eating out almost every meal.
We took a little road trip to this amazingcabin . The guy that built it is a bad ass. He built most of it from trees cut down on the land where the house now sits, milled on site. The beds hung from the rafters and were surrounded by skylights and bay windows. The gentle sway of the bed, with the view of the trees all around you, had a real nice hammock feel to them (but with memory foam mattresses). The spiral staircase spiraled around a smoothed out tree. It was definitely amazing. I want to spend a summer there. Right down the street were two spectacular waterfalls, the Golden and Silver Falls.
We also went sledding, in May. Mt. Hood is still covered in snow! That same day, or maybe the next day, the boys were wading shirtless in the Clackamas river. I hope they visit again next year and I hope that the boys, who will then be 3, will have better learned the art of sharing.



that cabin looks amazing

christy said...

why don't you and Lisa come for a visit and we'll go there : )