Monday, May 26, 2008

Starting Solids

Liam is growing up way too fast. I've held out long enough on solid foods. He was just about pitching a fit every time we sat down for a meals and he wasn't getting any. He would whine to be held and then would try to grab food off our plates. Halen LOVES feeding Liam and has done it now more times than either Dan or I. I love how crazy he looks in these pictures. He always opens his mouth when feeding Liam, as if trying to will Liam to do the same. I think I probably do the same thing, but there aren't any incriminating photos to prove it. Maybe he gets it from me, maybe it's a natural instinct. This first one, I love because Liam kinda looks like a zombie who wants to eat your brains. Yummy, brains. Wait, that's not vegan.

Speaking of vegan stuff, I think I'll take time to share a little story here. Dan went to put Halen to bed and I went to put Liam to bed. Dan never came out, sleeping like a baby. So, I'm up and ready to spend a little time catching up the blog. A couple of nights ago, we got burritos from Taqueria Los Gordtos. This roach coach burrito cart has now topped my chart for an amazing burrito. I had quite a few good burritos while living in San Francisco. Atlanta even has a few good burrito spots, but the other night, I had the best burrito I've ever had. The people running the cart are a mexican family and I think the daughter is vegan. They have a whole vegan menu, including vegan sour cream, soyrizo, tofu, and 'vegan delight' cheese as possibilities. As Halen and I were sitting out front, waiting for our order, a woman came up and ordered a chicken burrito. She was obviously a regular, as they knew what she wanted as she walked up. She started complaining that she wished they were open on Sundays, so she wouldn't have to go hungry on that day. They explained to her that they would be open on Sundays from now on, but only serving their vegan menu! The woman scrunched up her nose and acted grossed and weirded out by the mention of an all vegan menu. She declared, "I need my meat and my cheese." This is where it gets funny. The dad, a pretty robust man with a thick spanish accent, started talking about how good the vegan food is and how it's not weird at all, that she should try it. He then started to kind of make fun of her and point out all the things she was eating that were vegan, like her drink, the sauces, etc. He would say, 'you drink Coke, that's vegan, it's not weird. And you know tequila, that's vegan. It's so not weird, it's good and it's good for you. You need to try our soyrizo burrito, it's vegan and it's good! We even got vegan cheese.' I was really getting a kick out of this unlikely person preaching the benefits of veganism to a staunch meat eater. During all this, the word vegan continually being said, Halen looked at me and said, "we're vegan." Neither Dan nor I taught him that. I guess he has just picked it up in our conversations enough that he knows. Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

The expressions on Halen's face are priceless.

He definitely looks like a carrot top, what color are his eyes?

Anonymous said...

Sorry - was talking about Liam being the carrot top - obviously not Halen.

Mama Kim said...

thats funny. the other day someone tried to give presley a peice of chicken and she said "i dont eat meat" and i was like wow, i had no idea she realized there was a difference cause we eat fake stuff all the time. kids are smart!

liam is so cute!

also, everytime i try to feed a baby i open my mouth. i think everyone does!!

christy said...

Liam's eyes are a greenish hazel.
I always figured the mouth opening phenomenon was a parental thing. I think it's really cute that a 2 year old boy does the same thing.