Friday, August 01, 2008

Parents, Always Talking of Poop

And I am no exception. Friends of ours have a 10 month old who hasn't pooped in a diaper in 2 months. They started putting him on the potty at 6.5 months old. Most people poop on a fairly predictable schedule, even babies. Liam has one poop in the morning, first thing. Then another later after lunch. We used to lay in bed and play awhile before getting up. Liam would crawl to all of us, giving his wet slobbery good morning kisses and hair pullings. Apparently, this is also when he was pooping. Now I have to drag myself out of bed a few minutes before I'm ready, but the trade off is that Liam deposits his poops neatly into the toilet. I think it's worth it. Cloth diapers require scraping poop into toilet, a practice that often results in poop on the hands. You are also supposed to do this with disposables, but no one does. Human poop in landfills is really really bad for everything. Thank you Liam for doing your part to keep landfills and my hands free of poop. I salute you!


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Beth and Ben said...

Love the poop talk. This morning was the first time we had to get in the tub because the poop situation was so explosive. Thanks for the inspiration Liam! I'm gonna try her on the potty thanks to you you adorable little man. :) beth

Kerry said...

Go Liam! Gotta love those predictable morning poops!