Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swimming and a Symphony

We rode our bikes along the path by the river, to the waterfront park downtown. The youth symphony and the big people symphony were putting on a free show. We met up with some friends, shared a bit of food, and listened to some music. Then we all left early so we wouldn't have upset kids. Halen absolutely loves live music. He loves the clapping part. He gets real excited about being in a crowd of people all clapping at once.
The next day we went swimming in the neighborhood pool. We'd never been before. I'm not a big fan of sharing the pool with rowdy older kids when I've got little kids. I used to take trips to the neighborhood pool with my niece and it was always more trouble than it was worth and a little scary. The older kids aren't ever being bad or anything, just being kids in a pool, acting like they're supposed to. Anyway, we never went because I was always sure there'd be tons of kids there. It closes Labor Day, so I figured I'd give it a try, going early in the morning on a weekday. It worked out. We were the only ones there. The kids had a blast and took really great naps when we got home. Two days later I still feel like I need a nap. I guess I'll just pour another cup of joe instead.

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