Saturday, February 09, 2008


Today we went to a park with some geese and ducks. Halen was being good, staying close to me near the dry ground. Then we got near some mud on a hill and he decided to take off, despite my yelling at him to stop. He was doing his running skip jump toward some geese when he fell on his butt and slid down the hill some. Then he turned over and tried to get up, slipping more and landing on his chest. It didn't phase his fun. The best part is that we were really far from home, waiting for Dan to get out of class. We couldn't go home and come back in time to get him. I stripped him down to the diaper, put him in my hoodie, plopped him in a shopping cart, and bought him a new outfit at Old Navy. As I was looking for the perfect outfit, he was unzipping the hoodie and climbing out. People were definitely wondering why I had a 2 year old in nothing but a diaper in a suburban old navy.

this duck had some weird feathery 'updo' going on.

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