Friday, February 29, 2008


My Baby Wearing Boys!

Yesterday, the little boys and I headed out of the house to give Dan some uninterrupted homework time. Sometimes we're a bit distracting with all our giggles and running around. He just can't stay in his office and do the work. It was 64 degrees and sunny, so we went to the park first. After wearing ourselves out there, we headed back to the vegan mini mall. At Sweetpea, Halen had a wheat free carrot cupcake. I sampled it, strictly for the good of being able to rate it for the blog of course, and it was dee-licious, 5 stars. I had a sesame bagel with caramelized onion creme cheez. For Dan, we got a cinnamon roll to go. Liam, once again, says the mommy's milk version of these foods was simply unbelievable! He's got this idea that I should start marketing my milk to vegans as another vegan milk option. I'm not too keen on the idea, but little Liam is an entrepreneur. Hey, maybe it'll take off and get us out of this trailer park! This time, we got to peruse the other vegan establishments as well. Halen bought a cute 'cow hugger' t-shirt from Herbivore. Food Fight Grocery's new building is much bigger and better. We only went to the old building once, but it was so small and cramped that you kind of felt like you were intruding upon the personal space of whoever was working there. This one didn't have the feel at all. It also had a small fresh produce section, which was lacking at the last one. I got a crisp yummy fuji apple and some frozen samosas. I can never get enough samosas. Dan said that he read that Food Fight recently recalled the seventh generation paper towels they sold because they found out they had whey in it. Huh? Whey in paper towels? I'm confused. I don't use paper towels anyway, dish rags work better and are re-usable. That's completely off the subject, but I've never been good at staying on the subject. Mommy brains work differently, more slowly, and less articulate than other brains. So sorry. Sometimes when big people use big words, I just hear goo goo ga ga. Anyway, we didn't go to the tattoo parlor. We can't afford tattoos right now and Liam and Halen just aren't old enough. Time permitting, I hope to get my Liam tattoo while in Atlanta.
Halen and Liam both slept on the way home. After everyone woke up from naps, we got ready to go back out, this time with daddy. We met up with an old friend of mine who also lives in the glorious city of Portland. Megan and I were BFF way way back in the days of Mississippi livin', kicking ass together on the cross country and track teams. I can't remember which one of us was a better runner, but it was probably me. Go Greyhounds! Anyway, we had been emailing, but hadn't made meet up plans till yesterday. We met up at a burrito spot in her hood, Laughing Planet. The food was delicious and ultra vegan friendly. I had the vegan supreme (vegan sour cream and avocado) spinach and black bean burrito, with tofu. Dan had some fancy bbq burrito with sweet potato in that joint! The atmosphere was kid friendly. Halen really liked playing with the provided dinosaurs. This is a really great thing about many Portland eateries. There are often toys and books to borrow while you're there, in case you forget to bring your own kid distractions. Halen and Megan really hit it off. Liam wasn't as sure. As she held him, he just stared at me with wide eyes and a pouty mouth. He's another momma's boy for sure.
It was good to catch up with Megan, talking about old times, how our families fared in Katrina, and how much we all love Portland. She's been here a few years and is involved with some of the politics and such. I like hearing more of why PDX is so awesome, like that 80% of the businesses have 8 employees or less. Small businesses really thrive here and the powers that be help keep it that way. Apparently, the bike coalition here is an extremely powerful force as well. She's working for the campaign of Sam Adams for mayor. I like how he's riding his bike everywhere in the video, in a suit and tie. What a bad ass.
Dan went snowboarding today. We hung out at home. I wasn't sure how I'd manage getting Halen and sled up hills while wearing Liam. Dan loved it. After he got back, I got all my stuff together to go for a bike ride while the kids napped, and then it started raining. Now I'm in here typing this blog instead. Everyone else is asleep. Sorry there's no pictures representing the story of today's blog, but I've been slacking with the camera lately.
Oh yeah, Theamainglierstancy was the name of the alligator infested marshland clubhouse wood slab on stilts of me, Megan, and another CC runner friend Natalie. It's all our names rolled into one word, pretty clever huh?

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