Saturday, February 23, 2008

Papa G's Vegan Deli

We tried Papa G's Vegan Deli last night and it was dee-lectable! It's cafeteria style, so if you want to try a spoonful of everything, then you can! Dan had some nut loaf and other stuff (I'll never have a successful food description blog, just a 'look at my cute kids' site). I had mushroom stroggonof, mac and cheez, creamed greens, and mashed potatos and gravy. It was all yummy. Halen had some Dahl soup that he devoured. Halen taught Dan a lesson in why he needs to clean up his potty mouth. The first spoonful of soup Halen took out of the bowl went straight to the table, totally on purpose. Halen really likes playing with his food. Dan says, "what the" and then refrained from the obvious next word, because he's been working on it. So, Halen filled in the blank and yelled "F*CK." He then said, "that's a f*ck daddy, it's a f*ck." He wanted to make sure Dan knew what word he had obviously forgotten went there. I was laughing my arse off.
On another note, there was another vegan family of 4 there! The other mom and I kept eying each other and smiling shy little smiles. It was obvious that we both just wanted to say, "hey, you're awesome, let's get our families together, what's your number?" Of course, neither of us did. I'm such a chicken. Kerry, move here so you can get me talking to other mommies. You're so good at that. Once again, I couldn't find the camera before going out, so there's no pictures from Papa G's. So, I'll just put a cute picture of Liam up. He didn't eat any of the food at Papa G's, but he says it made for some yummy mommy's milk.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dan remembers a similar episode but on a pony at a carnival when he was about the same age. His comment was: "get me off this f**king pony"!

christy said...

That just made me laugh out loud! Like father, like son.

christy said...

I like that word.