Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Fish! Go Fish

Dan and I decided that it was time for us to stop going to our old favorites and to start exploring more vegan friendly spots. I found this great website, stumptown vegans . On there, I found a restaurant with these cute little 'no fish' sandwiches that I just had to try. The restaurant is No Fish! Go Fish! . I couldn't find our camera before going out, so there are no pics. The menu mostly consists of yummy soups (always one or two of them vegan) and these cute fish shaped sandwiches. They are made with a cornmeal batter and many different fillings, poured into a fish shaped mold and cooked over an open flame. I had the mushroom pate and olives with garlic and basil sandwiches and a minestrone soup. Halen has split pea soup and an apple and cinnamon sandwich. Dan had curry vegetable and the olive sandwich, also with the split pea soup. After tasting a bite of Halen's apple sandwich, we both had to have one of those too. It was super cheap and super yummy. It's also right smack next door to our Doctor's office. That's where we'll be eating after our check ups from now on!
After eating, we spent a lovely afternoon back at Mt. Tabor park. It's such a wonderful spot. We brought a blanket and had a family lay down in the grass session. I love Portland.

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