Monday, February 25, 2008

Vegan Brunch

We had sunday morning vegan brunch buffet at Portland's vegan mini mall (the building behind Halen, it needs a serious vegan mural for better signage). It was awesome. $10 for all the OJ, coffee, tofu scramble, tators, kale, biscuits, gravy, tvp, and pancakes we could stuff in our mouths. The vegan mini mall consists of Sweet Pea Vegan Bakery ,Food Fight Vegan Grocery, and Herbivore magazine's new all vegan goodies store! Oh wait, I forgot Scape Goat Tattoo , where all the artists and all the inks are 100% vegan! Holy crap, we win. Portland not only has affordable living, but it's affordable for a bunch of vegan kids to start businesses and make this an amazingly awesome vegan friendly city. I am so happy to be raising my kids here, where veganism is so very normal. There were tons of people there, including other babies and toddlers. Halen had on his little 'go vegan' button. He was showing everyone, not because he even knew what it meant, but because it was this new little thing he got on his jacket and was excited about. Everyone thought it was awesome though, so he was excited that everyone else was as excited as he was and pointed it out to people. We will definitely be going back for Sunday brunch buffets. Dan had to work, so we had to hurry and leave after we ate. Next time, we'll visit the other stores and report. Dan and I both want to get tattoos. It's not necessarily in the budget right now though. Oh well.

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